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[The Wharf] now available on Amazon Kindle Store for Mac, PC, Android, iPad, iPhone, etc.!

My first completed work of fiction, which I penned with best friend and partner-in-crime Jesse Bull, is now for sale on Amazon.com.

Here’s a brief product description:

“Tokyo, 2034 A.D. Japan has finally relaxed her borders to allow an overdue influx of immigration, and with it subsequent street crime and true multilingual diversity. The world’s first transition to an entirely cashless banking system has created a society completely reliant on the Personal Life Assistant™, or PLA, a mobile device that acts as phone, wallet, keys, identification and more. Over the course of roughly one week a story of technological security, financial terrorism and socioeconomic upheaval unfolds around a small cast of characters, including J., an American banker, Sana, a female television personality, and Shade, an underground tech kingpin shrouded in mystery. The Wharf is a subversive, parodical black comedy and also a classic crime novel penned by two Americans with a combined twelve years’ experience working, studying and living in Japan.”

[The Wharf] is available for purchase for $2.99 for your PC, tablet, smart phone, etc. here.

Thank you for reading and for your continual support!



Why spell check doesn’t always work…

Due to the amount of Japanese and poetic license we use in The Wharf, a final spell check on the latest edit exposed my word processor’s built-in spellcheck tool as all but useless for this novel.

If you’re writing in another language, being inventive with English, or doing both, you’re going to have to do this manually. Clicking “Ignore Once” or “Ignore All” three or four times per sentence gets old real fast. Sometimes it’s faster to just follow the red. 

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