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I’ve been told things are “too small” before…


Facebook/ Youtube problemsbut never my video player… 😦

There’s no such thing as a bad request…

…except for the request that can’t be found.

It’s good to be king…


Little Kings can at Northeast Kingdom in Bushwick

Need more icons


on the taskbar…

We’re in business now…

ODA Business Card (Logan McHenry)

Much thanks to Douglas Park, my friend and business partner.

Disgruntled toilet-goer


Why Uzbekistan?

Just Grand-Dad and me


Gotta love that orange label, and the orange cap on the 100 proof.

Grownup Cider

Laird's Straight Apple Brandy    Zeigler's Autumn Harvest Apple Cider

A simple recipe that recalls simpler times:

one part Laird’s Straight Apple Brandy

three parts apple cider

Applejack mixed with apple juice should taste fine too. In fact, applejack mixed with just about anything should taste delicious. Cider, however, has the viscosity and–perhaps more importantly–the acidity to mask a heavy amount of booze. This drinks fine cold, but heat it up and you’re in heaven.

Perfect in fall/winter. Happy drinking!

Drinking Endorsement: Laird’s Straight Apple Brandy

Laird's Straight Apple Brandy

The most popular modern brand of “applejack,” this stuff has a long history in America and was pretty much what Johnny Appleseed got twisted on. Laird’s original distillery–“America’s first commercial distillery”–is in New Jersey, where applejack was evidently used as highway currency at one point–hence the nickname “Jersey Lightning.” At 100 proof, this sweet but stiff brown spirit ain’t the apple juice you drank as a child.

From the distiller’s website: “The first apple crop in the New World was harvested from trees planted by the pilgrims. The early colonists were leery of drinking water…they believed it to carry disease. They thought that strong drink, on the other hand, prevented ill health.”

Ahh, the wisdom of our forefathers.

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