How to push products on Google AdWords (part two)… success and failure

Here’s an update to my post early this morning, How to push products on Google AdWords. After creating my first ad campaign using Google AdWords, things started moving right away! My initial impressions of Google AdWords are mixed (reasons explained below), but I’m excited that the ads are working!

Things transpired exactly how I’d hoped, and the auto price of 50 cents per click is lower than I’d experienced on Facebook Ads.

My ads had no trouble reaching my daily cap of $5.00 in no time, with nine clicks at fifty cents a piece, totaling $4.49. The number of impressions is exciting–over twenty thousand!

You got served!..
Why the discrepancy, though?

Looking at my ads, I see that my text ad was “served” 97.59% of the time with 20,328 impressions, while my image ad showed 2.41% with 503 impressions. Reasoning? Anyone who’s used Gmail (or any Google product for that matter) will understand. Those little text ads are everywhere. I’m curious as to where the image ads are showing, as I don’t recall seeing a lot of image ads on Google software.

Unfortunately none of those clicks translated into a sale… Sad face.

The big question is, did those clicks turn into purchases? Sadly, it appears the answer is a resounding “No!”. <<sigh>>

Let’s see if they’ll take the bait!

Solution? It doesn’t make much sense paying fifty cents per click when my product only costs $2.99, from which we earn $2.06 (70%). So I changed my bidding settings to manual (settings > bidding and budget > bidding option) and set the max CPC (click per cost) to a drastically lower sum (ten cents). You can do this under the “Ad Groups” tab (as seen above). Now I’ll wait to see if anyone will click at that price, or if competitors’ ads will win my desired clicks. If I’m unable to spend my budget tomorrow, I’ll start raising the max CPC gradually and go from there!

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