Chapter 3 [The Wharf]

“It’s great to see you two together again!” one of the hoodlums shouted, raising the open can in his hand in the direction of the garaged men, and the others cheered and echoed the sentiment. The gang hung there for a moment, offering salutations and shoulder pats before festooning down the street, out of sight.

“It seems like everything’s changed these days.” Shade lamented to Igor as he moved to leave.

“None of the old constants. Everyone’s up and left, or gone up North.”

“Watch out you don’t get pinched.” Shade cautioned.

“Hey, the police are coming to me. I’m keeping them off your back, over old qualms.”

“Yeah right. Later, Igor.” Shade shouted over his shoulder as he exited the open garage doorway into the night, turning around just before he dipped out of view to see Igor again already bent over his work, shimmering shreds flying.

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